Engineering Services

Since 2010, MRF-ENGINEERING has been developing various equipment on turnkey basis (general engineering, automated systems, selling and vending machines, etc.)

Our team includes experienced design engineers (mechanical engineers, technologists, electronics engineers and electricians).

If necessary, we involve contractors-software developers, industrial designers, interface designers, etc.

We provide full project support at all stages:

 creating the concept and technical specifications;

 draft design with required calculations and selection of components;

 single-stage design and design documentation;

 prototype production and adjustment;

 assistance in production sample manufacturing management.

Examples of completed projects

Conveyor systems.

We have developed a number of different conveyor systems for the automotive and food industries.

Industrial equipment.

We have designed various devices for the chemical, metallurgical, food industry, etc.

Construction equipment.

We have developed a number of machines for the company engaged in green construction.

Equipment bodies.

Based on the FORMLAB industrial design, we have developed bodies designs for machining centers, 3D metal printing machines, etc.

Tractor bodies.

Development of new bodies, cabins and hoods for T150 and K700 tractors. Development of design documentation, operational excellence, development of new design.

Filling machines.

Pilot e-liquid filling machines.  Supply of cork and other parts feed mechanisms to a distillery

Medical equipment.

Based on the FORMLAB industrial design, we have developed designs of various medical equipment

Object-design development.

On the basis of renders from industrial designers, we have developed and delivered a series of metal lamps and furniture. 

Parts manufacturing, electronics development.  

We are engaged in developing customized industrial electronics. Machining, laser cutting, CNC bending and painting. Welding and plumbing.